Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homeschool Series 2012- Day1

This homeschool series focuses on the culture and lifestyle of the Native People who lived in this area over 500 years ago- the Ucita. While they had their main village at the mouth of the Little Manatee River, they may have made temporary camps, like the one at Camp Bayou, as a base for hunting or fishing. Each week we will explore one or more topics to see what their lives were like, based on research with a generous helping of conjecture, since original sources are few with often conflicting or confusing statements.
You must be pre-registered to attend- $20 for the 4 week series. Deadline is February 2 by 5pm. Contact Dolly at for more information.

Native structures and fiber crafts- 2/3/12
- Introduction/Tour
- building a shelter
- break for storytime with White Feather
- loom weaving, rope making, mat weaving

* hut
* teepee
* wikiup
* wigwam
* chickee
* thatched
* post hole
* anaerobic
* warp
* weft

The Crafts of Florida's First People by Robin C. Brown; Pineapple Press, 2003.
Journeys with Florida Indians by Kelley G. Weitzel; University Press of Florida, 2002.
Native Americans in Florida by Kevin M. McCarthy; Pineapple Press, 1999.
Indians of Central and South Florida 1513-1763 by John H. Hann; University Press of Florida, 2003.

More resources:
FPAN West Central
Fl Division of Historical Resources- Archaeology
Florida Archaeology- Fl. Museum of Natural History
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