Monday, February 27, 2012

Homeschool Series Day #4

This is the final week of Camp Bayou's Native People's series- the topic is food! Along the way we will review what we have learned all month, with a trail walk in search of plants and evidence of animals that the native people may have used over 500 years ago.
Vocabulary this week:
- ethnobotany
- toxicity
- pathogens
- coquina
- quahog
- tanning
- mano and metate
- totem
- muscadine
- smilax

Resource links:
50 native plants used by native people
Native Foods
An Ancient Hunting Weapon
Exploring Florida
Tocobaga Indians of Tampa Bay
Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage

Bioarchaeology of the Florida Gulf Coast: Adaptation, Conflict, and Change by Dale L. Hutchinson
Florida Ethnobotany by Daniel Austin

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