Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Trail...

A new weekly entry is starting today and every Thursday (time and health permitting). My plan is to take photos of plants and wildlife currently making an appearance at Camp Bayou. Some folks ask how can I walk the same trails all the time and not get bored. But I like the 'getting to know' an area. I like the familiarity of this particular trail where I can tell stories of how I saw this animal do that or know when those plants will be in bloom. I can see subtle changes in the seasons, which is an acquired skill in Florida. And there is often a surprise just waiting around the bend- gators in the oxbow, a manatee at the boat ramp, an early morning visit by a fox or a sudden movement in the grass that turns out to be a beautiful, timid, coral snake heading for safety in the undergrowth.
I hope these photos will inspire you to take your own walk along the trails...

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