Thursday, November 15, 2007

Save our Cypress Day of Action

Hello and hope all is well with you! As I have mentioned too many of y’all in emails or phone calls over the last week or two, this Saturday, Nov. 17th, is the Save Our Cypress Day of Action. Folks from across the Gulf Coast and southeastern U.S. will be engaging in visits to stores, letter drops, events, leafleting, outreach, and activism to protect cypress forests and wetlands. We want cypress trees in the ground, in our wetlands, along our rivers, and serving all the vital ecological functions they serve. We continue to urge Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Home Depot to stop selling cypress mulch and to stock environmentally sustainable alternatives.

This Saturday we are asking folks to take a small, simple step and action to speak out for cypress forests and wetlands and stop the mulching of Florida ’s future.

This Saturday (or whenever you can this weekend) we’re asking folks to go to their local Wal-Mart, Lowes, and/or Home Depot (with an emphasis on Lowes if possible) and take a letter to the store manager (see weblinks below) asking them to stop selling cypress mulch. These letters will work their way up the corporate ladders and get the attention of regional buyers and supervisors. We also are asking folks to print off a cypress seedling from the website and the adoption certificate with it and present this to the store manager and ask them to adopt the seedling as its parents were turned into mulch (this is an optional fun tool to use as the Store Manager letter is the main focus). Last but not least…..get a picture with the store manager as you present them with the letter and send it to me.

Info you Need:
Thanks for being a part of the Save Our Cypress Campaign, and thanks for your interest in the Gulf Restoration Network. Below are the weblinks for the Saturday Nov. 17th Day of Action materials. We really appreciate your support with this campaign, as do the cypress forests of Florida !

Again, what we would love folks to do is to visit their area Wal-Mart, Lowes, or Home Depot (with special emphasis on Lowes) and give the manager the letter asking the company to stop selling cypress mulch along with the sapling and the adoption certificate if so inclined (all on the website below). Also, please take a picture doing this and send it to me if you can (if not no worries).

Thanks again and please call me or email me with any questions!

Message from:
Joe Murphy
Florida Program Coordinator
Gulf Restoration Network
352-583-0870 (office)
813-468-0870 (cell)
Florida Office Address:
34413 Orchid Parkway
Ridge Manor, Fl. 33523

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