Monday, October 15, 2007

Contact your Hillsborough County Commissioners

There was $40 million of CIT money set aside last years budget for the Championship Sports complex to be built in Northeast Hillsborough County. That project was rejected at the Oct 17th BOCC meeting and the BOCC was asked to reserve that earmark for the Hillsborough County Parks as everyone agreed the parks are badly underfunded and are a disgrace in comparison to the parks in the surrounding counties.
Please send an e-mail in support of this request for our county parks to the County Commissioners:
Or send to each individually at:
Jim Norman,
Mark Sharpe SharpeM@HillsboroughCounty.ORG
Brian Blair
Ferlita Rose
Al Higginbotham,
K White,
Ken Hagan
If we don't ask that this money be used in our park system it will go to some other capital improvement project.
Forward to as many people as you know and ask their support by send a email to the BOCC asking that the $40 million Championship earmark be budgeted to the Parks and Conservation Department.

This note from:
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Florida Master Naturalist
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