Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canoe Update

Wells' grandchildren on the canoe dock during the Spring Open House

At our Spring Open House, we tested out our procedure for renting canoes. It became clear that we do not have the staff required to rent canoes in the same fashion that Hillsborough County Parks do. We also can't see how we could compete with Canoe Outpost which is just up the river, nor would we want to try to cut into their business or usual clientele.

We are now devising a plan to offer canoe tours, complete with guide, on a monthly or bimonthly basis. We will also offer guided tours to pre-registered organized groups using 3-5 canoes. Cost will still be $25 per canoe but with the added bonus of a personalized volunteer guide to provide environmental education, canoe safety and on-the-spot emergency assistance. If there are members of the organized group that have their own canoes or kayaks, there will be a nominal donation requested of $5/person toward the guide services. Contact Dolly to schedule your trip at .

Check the calendar at  for scheduled "Canoe Tour Saturdays", coming in the near future!

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