Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cockroach Races at Fall Open House

All cockroach racers must be in a closed container before the race-
even if your pet cockroach normally roams around with your pet mouse.

Camp Bayou's Fall Open House will have a new event as part of the morning activities- Cockroach Races!

While there will be several resident cockroach racers to cheer on, visitors are invited to bring their own cockroach that they think will win. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you wish to BYOC:
- All cockroaches must be palmetto bugs as shown in the photo above, not the smaller german cockroaches.
- All cockroaches must remain in a closed container until race time.
- All visitors who wish to race their cockroaches must check in at the Membership table by 9:45am to register their cockroach and be assigned a number. If your cockroach has a name, be sure to note it on the registration form.
- All visitors, whose cockroaches are racing, must be on hand at the finish circle to help secure the racers so they can run another race.
If you've  never heard of cockroach races, check out the rules at the long running Cockroach Races held in Australia. Their rules are slightly different.

Hints for keeping your cockroach alive and well until race day:
- Put cockroach in a covered container. If you want to be extra sure it won't escape, put a ring of petroleum jelly along top rim of container.
- Cockroaches can live for quite some time eating only dry dog food and having access to a supply of water.
- Cockroaches like dark spaces so provide a place to hide, crumpled newspaper or paper towel tube.
Questions? Visit Camp Bayou, Thursday- Saturday, from 9am- 2pm to learn more about Florida's critters.

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