Thursday, September 29, 2011

Observe the Moon Hike- Sat., Oct 8

Participants after a previousNight Hike

Observe the Moon Night at Camp Bayou
Join the naturalists at the Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center on Saturday, Oct 8, from 7:30 -9pm for one of our 'No-Flashlight' Night Hikes. As always the hike will end at the fire circle with s'mores to enjoy after your adventure.  Pre-registration requested, limit 20 people, suitable for ages 6 through adults. A $5 program fee is requested to help cover costs of supplies. Contact Dolly at or call (813) 641-8545 to make reservations.
This night hike coincides with a couple of special night sky possibilities. 
- The International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is a world-wide celebration of our nearest neighbor, the Moon! Each year in the fall, millions of people from hundreds of locations in countries across the globe come together to view the Moon and learn about its diverse roles in culture, history, science, and exploration. 
- The Draconid meteor shower, so-named because its meteors appear to radiate from the northern constellation Draco, is normally a weak shower producing perhaps 10 meteors per hour. However, this shower has proved strongly variable in the past, in some years reaching hundreds per hour. Unfortunately this year's peak is expected between 1 and 2 pm EST on October 8, but we will hope for some stragglers during the hike.
- And last but not least, it is part of World Space Week !

This event is part of a Be Out There!-NWF, Get Outdoors Florida!, "Let's GO"- C&N,  No Child Left Inside, and Let's Move Outside inspired initiative. 
Camp Bayou is neither a campground nor a summer camp. It was an RV park before the County's ELAP program purchased the land but it is now open for day use only, open to the general public. Through volunteers, donations, membership and grants, the RCDF offers pre-scheduled programs to schools, youth groups, adult groups and families plus it's open from Thursday- Saturday from 9am-2pm for passive recreational pursuits such as wildlife watching, nature photography and trail walks.

The Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center is a public- private partnership between the non-profit Ruskin Community Development Foundation, Inc. (RCDF) and Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation. Camp Bayou is located 3 miles south of SR674 at the end of 24th St SE in Ruskin. More information is on the web at or call 813-641-8545. 

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