Friday, October 29, 2010

Events for Saturday, Nov 6 around the Bay

The USGS Open House (see announcement below) sounds like a great way to finish up my Saturday after participating in the Great Florida Beachwalk- . I'll be walking and photographing the beautiful local beach at E.G Simmons Park in Ruskin starting at 9am- care to join me? After the beachwalk, consider stopping in at the Ruskin Seafood Festival held right there at the park- or come back on Sunday for another fun-filled day!

Also on Saturday:
U.S. Geological Survey Open House

Saturday, Nov. 6 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Chat with scientists and peruse fascinating displays at the 12th annual Open House of the U.S. Geological Survey's Coastal and Marine Science Center in St. Petersburg. The theme of this year's Open House is "Liquid Earth: Our Fluid Planet." Peruse more than 40 exhibits focused on understanding the connectedness of our watersheds, coastal areas and oceans. Meet an alligator, see what extreme storms do to our coastlines, learn about the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide on ocean chemistry, look at Earth using 3-D visualization tools such as Geowall and GeoMapApp, and learn about corals that grow in deep dark places.
This is a fun-filled event where you are guaranteed to learn something new and exciting about our natural world. The USGS staff will be joined by Federal and State partners and other agencies and institutions working to share the excitement of research and inform society about the important role science plays in managing our natural resources. There will be educational hand-out materials, including maps and posters.
The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit .

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