Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recycling our cans

Made the trek to Patriot Metals in Gibsonton this week to bring nearly a year's worth of aluminum cans that we've accumulated at Camp Bayou. These cans came from events, cleanups (some cans were pretty old...) and member donations. Total weight is 34 lbs and yielded just under $16 in cash. Doesn't sound like much but there was little effort needed other than designating a spot for collecting cans, loading them into my truck, driving it about 10 miles north to Gibsonton, and unloading into the can cage- all taking no more than half an hour. The truck could have handled at least twice that much.
If you put your recycled cans at the curb, perhaps you might consider dropping them off at Camp Bayou instead, to make your donation to next year's trek!

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