Monday, April 19, 2010

Wicked Weeds VHS

From TBEP:
We have many VHS copies of “Wicked Weeds: A Homeowners’ Guide to Removing Invasive Plants” in our office. This is because people don’t have VHS players much anymore since we’ve all gone to DVDs. If any of you can use VHS copies, please let us know how many you want and we’ll get them to you. If you know anyone who might want any, let us know that too. Otherwise, we’ll probably dump them.

We also have DVDs of this video too, and can provide those to you as well.

“Wicked Weeds” was co-produced by Hillsborough Extension and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. The 21-minute video identifies commonly found invasive trees, shrubs and vines in the Tampa Bay region, and demonstrates techniques that homeowners can use to remove them from their yards. Proper safety equipment, appropriate chemical usage and specific eradication techniques are covered.

Contact Nanette:
Nanette Holland O'Hara
Public Outreach Coordinator
Tampa Bay Estuary Program
100 8th Ave. S.E.
St. Petersburg , FL 33701
(727) 893-2765 phone

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