Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the trail...

Great getting out on the trail this week...
Met up with a very cooperative Palamedes Swallowtail visiting firebush flowers in the native plant nursery. This is one of the butterflies we are keeping our eyes on during our monthly Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network counts because, although they are locally common at Camp Bayou, there is a growing concern for their host plants, the bay trees, which are being threatened by a fungus carried by an invasive insect called the Ambrosia Beetle.
On up the Tortoise Trail, some beautiful flowerheads of Solidago, otherwise known as Goldenrod. In the past, I may have blamed my sniffles on them but since goldenrod has long been exonorated from causing sinus troubles, I know it's just a head cold.

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  1. Camp Bayou looks beautiful! I will have to try to may my way out there some time soon! I also hope to do some camping this fall.

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