Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruskin History Center Reopens

From: Fred Jacobsen- Ruskin History Project


Ron Leybovich

Fifth/Third Bank

1020 US Hwy 41 N

Ruskin 33570

813 641-1421


The staff and management of the Ruskin Branch of Fifth/Third Bank are holding an open house to mark the installation in their lobby of the "first 16 feet" of Ruskin's history. The Ruskin History Project so far is comprised of two 2 X 4 cases containing photos and artifacts from Ruskin's' past in a timeline that runs from the early ice age to the present era. Fred Jacobsen and Dr. Arthur "Mac" Miller started the Ruskin History Project as a way to save and to share Ruskin's history with all the citizens of Ruskin. Miller is the grandson of one of the founders of Ruskin. "The hope is that one day this little history display might grow into its own building or perhaps be located in a community center."


Bank Vice President and Branch manager Ron Leybovich says "the Ruskin history display is a welcome addition to the bank. We hope to sponsor more coffees for the community, perhaps quarterly to encourage discussion and sharing of Ruskin's history."


The Ruskin History Project can be found online at


Coffee and donuts will be served at Fifth/Third Bank from 8 am to 9 am Friday July 3. The bank is located at 1020 US Highway 41, Ruskin, on the corner of 11th Ave. NW .



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