Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vote no on SB 360

e-mail Hillsborough county's legislators and ask them to vote NO tomorrow on SB 360.

This bill started out as one of the original BAD growth management bills (I wrote about it here:, and it has now become THE vehicle for ALL the developers' worst demands to deregulate their industry and eliminate controls on development. See Denise Layne's message below, explaining SB 360.

E-mail our Delegation by copying and pasting this list into your e-mail program:

For browsers which uses COMMAS to separate addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For browsers which use SEMICOLONS to separate addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Here's a sample letter you can use:

Or just say "Please vote NO on SB 360."

Mariella Smith

HB 7127 was replaced with SB 360, so HB 7127 is now dead. However, on SB 360, a strike-all amendment (deletes the original bill and replaces with new language) #210765 was adopted with numerous amendments on it. This language has never been before a committee or council; and, the DCA, 1,000 Friends of Florida, Audubon and Association of Counties have opposed this (as has C4RG). This is even worse than the original bill. Here is the language:
During the discussion of this bill, not one of our legislative delegates even asked questions let alone opposed this strike-all and amendments. What is going on?
PLEASE CONTACT OUR LEGISLATIVE DELEGATION AND ASK THEM TO VOTE NO TOMORROW ON SB 360. If this passes, most of south county, ½ of Lutz and other sections of this county will be blasted with development – roads be damned! I guess we have to protect ourselves since our government let us down.
Email our Legislative Delegation PLEASE today…they will vote it out of the House tomorrow – VOTE NO ON SB 360 - PROTECT HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY!
Denise Layne

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