Thursday, December 11, 2008

Show Your Support for Environmental Education

From NWF and NCLI:
Environmental Education

Let's show Congress the widespread support for environmental education!

Show Your Support for Environmental Education--
Sign the 'No Child Left Inside' Petition

This year children and teachers won a big victory when the U.S. House passed the No Child Left Inside Act of 2008.

Now it's time to ensure that the progress made by this year's victory gets carried into the new Congress and administration.

The National Wildlife Federation, together with its partners from the No Child Left Inside Coalition, is inviting Americans across the country to sign this petition, showing the new Congress and administration the widespread support for enacting the No Child Left Inside Act.

Ensuring that the No Child Left Inside Act gets passed is one of the best ways you can help build the next generation of environmentally literate citizens.

Passage of this legislation is especially timely given that today's kids spend half as much time outside as children did 20 years ago, and reconnecting our kids to nature will not only help improve the state of our natural world, but provide numerous health and educational benefits for our children.

Please join me in adding your name to the petition, and continue speaking up for hands-on environmental education!

Thanks so much,

Dominique Burgunder-Johnson
Online Grassroots Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation

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