Thursday, November 27, 2008

NCLI Action Alert

From Abby Ybarra, Grassroots Coordinator

No Child Left Inside Coalition

Dear NCLI Coalition Member:

As we gear up to pass the No Child Left Inside Act in the new Congress, there is much work to be done.

Today, we are launching a petition calling on Congress to pass the NCLI Act. This petition will give individuals, along with organizations like yours, the chance to take action and have their voices heard in Washington , D.C.

We urge you to do the following:

· Ask members of your organization to sign the NCLI petition. We are attaching a draft Action Alert that you can use to get the word out to individual members to support the petition.

· Please add a link on your organization's webpage to the petition, now posted at our website.

We are making great progress. And now is a good time to spread the word about the value of environmental education.

As always, thanks for everything you do to support the No Child Left Inside movement.

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