Tuesday, April 29, 2008

media release- Awesome Art in Nature

Awesome Art in Nature event held


Camp Bayou hosted an event on Saturday, April 26 in partnership with Crawford Art Studios in the South Shore Regional Library. Forty-three family members spent the morning learning about how native people lived hundreds of years ago, led by Fred Jacobsen. Folks tried native crafts such as clay pot making and frond weaving, then became an archaeologist for a while where they dug up shards, then put their 'artifact' back together, led by Mark Dunn.

The morning continued with half the families learning how to work in charcoal and draw the majestic trees surrounding them, led by Suzanne Prach, while the other half took a short walk to the biggest live oak in the preserve to create a poem using words that were inspired by that grand old tree, led by Charles Cunningham and Diane Alvarez.


This was the first of a series of free Awesome Art in Nature events. Registration will soon be open for the next event on July 26. The theme will be 'Water'. Contact Suzanne Prach in the Crawford Art Studio at the South Shore Regional Library for more information 813-273-3652.


The Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center is open 9am-2pm, Thursday- Saturday. It is located 3 miles south of SR674, at the end of 24th St SE in Ruskin on the Little Manatee River. Camp Bayou is a partnership between the Ruskin Community Development Foundation, Inc. and Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation. Contact at 813-641-8545 or visit www.campbayou.org .





17: Suzanne Prach leads the introduction to the Awesome Art in Nature event

26: Mark Dunn helps Skylar Knock with her artifact while Vivian Whitehurst helps with the piecs

37: Charles Cunningham, left, asks the group to think of words that describe the old oak.


More photos will be online at http://snap.tbo.com/pages/user_detail.php?user=149400 .

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