Friday, March 28, 2008

FNPS Urgent Message - Florida Forever Program

RE:      Urgent message from FNPS President Shirley Denton &
Conservation Chair, Eugene Kelly
*****  Immediate Action Needed   *****
The future of Florida's land acquisition program, Florida Forever, is in the hands of our legislators right now.  The annual legislative session has begun and they are  discussing whether or not the program should be continued, and at what level of funding.  Money is tight this year so there needs to be a strong push from the public in order to garner the support of the legislature and ensure funding.
Although the program does not officially sunset until 2010, all remaining funds have already been obligated and no new land purchases can be negotiated without action by the legislature.   The current downturn in the real estate market has created opportunities that may never come again to protect critically important lands.  We should not allow short-term budget shortfalls in state government to curtail the long-term benefits of protecting these lands when over $1 billion in bonding authority remains available.  
We need immediate action in the form of telephone calls or letters to of your state legislator, senator, and Governor Crist expressing your support for this vital program.  Contact information is available via the Action Alerts section of FNPS website home page at or in your local telephone directory.  You can also find a sample letter and a list of talking points on the website's Policy Committee page under Programs.  Additional information is available at
We also strongly encourage all FNPS Chapters to pledge support for the Florida Forever program in the form of a resolution or letter of endorsement.  A sample resolution and a sample endorsement form is attached to this email. 
Please work hard to obtain consensus on adoption of the resolution within the next two to three weeks, complete the form and email it to Florida Forever Coalition and Ixia Chapter member Trish Gramajo at    The Cocoplum, Conradina and Palm Beach chapters have already acted by submitting a resolution.
Thank you for assisting in this important endeavor and helping to ensure a future for Florida's native plants and plant communities by protecting the places they need to survive!
Shirley R. Denton, Ph.D.         Eugene Kelly, Chair
FNPS President                      FNPS Conservation Committee

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